When clients choose Catalyst they are selecting a nationally recognized influence management firm specializing in multi-state government affairs, public affairs, and corporate strategy.

With so many industries undergoing rapid and constant change, our founder Danny Pfeifer questioned why so many lobbying firms were still employing 20th-Century strategies. In 2006, he set out to create a new government relations model that adapted quickly to rapid changes in the legislative, political and regulatory environments to achieve success for his clients.

Catalyst now represents Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations and businesses of all sizes with a modern approach that is successfully influencing policies at the federal, state and local levels.

When an issue impacting a Catalyst client surfaces, we know how to impact the outcome. Our team employs a unique approach to government affairs, public affairs and corporate relations ensuring our clients are excelling and expanding their sphere of influence. Catalyst clients benefit from the unique experiences, relationships and networks our team has developed across the country.

Disrupters are quick to recognize other disrupters. That's why businesses that are forcing change in their own industries are choosing Catalyst to partner with them for successful campaigns. We have become a magnet for Silicon Valley-based businesses, especially high-tech entrepreneurs that are embracing leading-edge technologies such as electric vehicles, mobile-app-based transportation networks and online financial services.

Catalyst credits its unconventional company culture to its success. We encourage art, music, film, design and travel to stimulate creative thinking and the development of strategic plans to attack big problems.

Catalyst employs incredibly competent and creative associates with relentless energy to get results in an ever-changing environment that doesn't pause for "normal business hours."